QPR Suicide Workshop

QPR: Question, Persuade and Refer

A Suicide Prevention Workshop

Learn to become a QPR Gatekeeper against suicide!

Someone dies of suicide every 17 minutes in the United States – that is about 85 people per day. 90% of those who make a suicide attempt communicate their intentions to someone around them.* What can you do about it? Become a Gatekeeper!

As a Gatekeeper you will learn to:

  • Identify risk factors related to suicide
  • Identify when someone is trying to communicate suicidal intention
  • Ask the suicide question
  • Use active and supportive listening to offer hope
  • Help the person find professional help
  • Help save a life

Who should become a QPR Gatekeeper?

  • Teachers, Principals, and School Counselors
  • Parents
  • Clergy
  • Students
  • Juvenile Justice Workers

Basic QPR training is a one-hour course that can be extended into a two-hour course with role-play practice. You can learn to save a life during your lunch break. The course may be taught to groups up to thirty people.

Training is FREE for organizations that serve youth. Schedule one as part of your school’s next in-service or your agency’s next staff training.

For more information, please contact:
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