Awareness In Action

Awareness In Action Seminars

Living with Joy and Gratitude

Becoming More Aware

The idea of these seminars is very simple: to help people become even more aware than they already are. Many different disciplines say the same thing in their own “language.” My role, and my passion, is to bring together some of what is being taught in different disciplines and the present them to the public in an engaging way.

Current Seminars

Communication: Finding the Flow

This talk will focus on the best ways to communicate within relationships OF ANY KIND. Sometimes our tactics on communicating hurt the relationship instead of helping it flow. Special focus will be placed on how to identify your own needs, articulate them, listen to the other, and then come up with ways to get the relationship flowing again. Participants will learn: a) What is the flow of relationship? b) What stops the flow? c) What helps the flow to heal and get flowing again? d) What to do when the relationship (with anyone) becomes too toxic?

Upcoming Communication Seminar Dates and Times:

November 10, 1014 6:50 – 9:00

Enneagram 101: The Basics

The tool of choice that I am using in this series is the Enneagram. It has been very helpful to many people. It helps us become aware of some parts of us that otherwise would remain unseen. Here, the goal is to introduce that tool. In every person there exists the “True Self” (who you really are. This is your centered, healthy self); the “False Self” (this is worst-potential self. The completely scattered and unhealthy self); and the “Identity Self” (this is your everyday bodily and emotional awareness. Who you think you are right now). We spend the first hour learning about these Selves. The second hour presents the Enneagram itself, within the context of our healthy and unhealthy Selves.

Upcoming 101 Seminar Dates and Times:


Enneagram 202: In Relationships

This class builds upon the insights of the Enneagram 101: Basics. Here, we learn how our level of self-awareness can help or hinder our relationships. With increased self-awareness comes the ability to communicate assertively, which is the only kind of communication that is life-giving in relationships. Enneagram 202 teaches how to utilize self-awareness to increase assertive communication and enhance your relationships.

Upcoming 202 Seminar Dates and Times:


Seminar Location

Counseling Center of Lewisville
326 Edmonds Lane, Suite 103
Lewisville, Texas 75067

Seminar Fees

$20 per person

Advance Registration Required

Space is limited, so REGISTER EARLY!