Mark Dittloff, LPC, LSOT

Mark Dittloff, LPC, LSOT

(940) 382-5328 Ext. 19

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Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling

Client Age: 3 to 103

Office: Denton

Masters of Science-Community Human Services
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Licensed Sex Offender Therapist (LSOT)

Clinical Interests

(In no particular order)
1. Helping parents develop effective parenting skills.
2. Help perpetrators of domestic abuse to learn appropriate problem solving skills.
3. Help juvenile in trouble with the legal system learn how to address personal issues without acting out behaviorally.
4. Help victims of sexual abuse learn how to deal with their feelings of powerlessness as well as how those feelings affect their ability to trust.
5. Teach low functioning or clients with intellectual disabilities pro-social and problem solving skills.
6. Help children in foster care adjust to their new living situations as well as deal with the issue(s) that led to their placement out of home.
7. Help children who have been adopted address their questions about why they were adopted as well as how this knowledge affect their self-perception and decision making.
8. Help people with the process of grief and grieving.
9. Help children exhibiting “acting out” behavior learn alternative coping mechanisms.

Styles and Philosophic Orientation

1. Family Systems
2. Cognitive Restructuring
3. Solution Focused
4. Narrative Therapy
5. Reality Therapy
6. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


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