Substance Abuse Evaluation

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Do you wonder if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs? Do you wonder if your relationship to substances is normal? Do you know your use is excessive, but don’t know what level of treatment you need to be free again? Do you wonder if there is an underlying disorder such as depression or anxiety that you are masking with your use? A professionally conducted evaluation can answer those and other questions about your alcohol or drug use.

An evaluation includes an interview and completion of several written assessments. In addition to instruments that are intended to evaluate your relationship with substances, other measures will assess mental status, suicide risk and screen for underlying affective disorders.

The results of your assessment will tell you if there is an indication of a substance abuse problem or not. Perhaps more importantly, if a problem is identified, a recommendation will be made for treatment in the least restrictive environment that is likely to provide you with a successful outcome.

The fee for this service is $150

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