Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment

Note: Substance Abuse Evaluations are only scheduled online. Scheduling links can be found on the webpage:


Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

Do you wonder if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs? Do you wonder if your relationship to substances is normal? Do you know your use is excessive, but don’t know what level of treatment you need to be free again? Do you wonder if there is an underlying disorder such as depression or anxiety that you are masking with your use? A professionally conducted evaluation can answer those and other questions about your alcohol or drug use. Learn More.

Individual and Family Substance Counseling

Counseling can play a number of roles in the treatment of Substance Abuse. For some, it is the only treatment required. For others, it is an added intervention to a more intensive treatment, such as IOP. Counseling is also used to address the family issues that contribute to, or occur as the result of substance abuse, or just to educate and support family members who are in a relationship with a current or recovering user. Learn More.