New Client Forms

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New CCD Client Forms – English

After you speak to a therapist or case manager, you can complete the following three forms via the internet. Your completed forms will be sent to the therapist or case manager you choose on the forms.

1. Choose one of these Registration forms:
Adult CCD Registration – English (Use this one if the primary client is an adult)
Youth CCD Registration – English (Use this one if the primary client is a minor)

2. Client Information and Consent – English
3. Notice of Privacy Practices – English

If you are going to be seen virtually, you also need to complete this form:
CCD Telehealth Consent – English

New Family Tree Client Forms – English

If you are a client in the Family Tree program, you will be completing these additional documents:
Client Enrollment Form – English
Family Tree Authorization Form – English
Caregiver Survey – English

Schedule Substance Abuse Assessment, IOP or SOP Intake – English

Use the following links to request an appointment for those three services:
Substance Abuse Assessment – English
Intensive Outpatient Intake Appointment – English
Supportive Outpatient/Aftercare Intake Appointment – English