Neurofeedback Training Program and Fees

Prerequisite Steps before starting Neurofeedback Training

1. Consultation (30 minutes)                                                  FREE
• Overview of Neurofeedback Training
• Symptom consultation
2. Initial Assessment Appointment (60 minutes)                $100
• Psychosocial, Developmental, and Behavioral History
• Collateral contact with professionals (therapists, physicians, teachers, etc.)
• Medical and school record review
3. qEEG Brain Mapping Appointment (60 minutes)          $500
• Recording of Brain Wave Activity
• Data Artifacting – Dayne Holmuller, BS, REEGT, QEEGD
• Protocol Design
• Map review with client

What is a qEEG?

qEEG is a recording of the electrical activity that comes from the brain through the scalp. This takes about an hour in the office. We will place a cap on your head, and measure 19 lead sites across your scalp. This information will let us know what brain waves are firing in different parts of your brain.

Neurofeedback Training (single 50 minute session)          $100

Neurofeedback training is most effective when administered two times per week. We will work with your daily routine to see when the best training times will be.

35 Session Review                $100

qEEG Post Treatment          $350

(remap after treatment completion)

Package Discounts

qEEG and 35 sessions and Review ($400 discount)                                    $ 3,700
Pre and Post qEEG with 35 sessions and Review ($500 discount)           $ 3,950
Non-mapped Depression Protocol($150 discount)                                    $     850

**All packages must be paid up front, on the day of the initial qEEG
**CCD’s sliding fees may apply to some services for some clients and may provide a greater discount

For additional information about these services, contact:
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