Family Tree Class Facilitator


Bachelors Degree
One year experience with at-risk youth.


(Lewisville, Farmers Branch and Denton)

About the Family Tree Program:

The Family Tree Program provides free Family Counseling for Denton County and Dallas County’s youth and their families. (You can learn more about the current program and services by clicking the “Family Tree” link to the left.)


The Family Tree Program is looking for facilitator(s) to lead our youth and parent skills classes. Classes are held once a week at all of our locations in the evenings or on weekends.

Youth Skills Classes: Youth classes utilize the evidence based curriculum from Positive Action. The program is based on the premise that there is a positive and negative action that can be taken in any situation. The program encourages choosing the positive action and walks youth through various situations in which that could be the more challenging choice. The classes encourage conversation and collaboration of its members.

Parent/Caregiver Skills Classes: Parent classes utilize the evidence based curriculum from Systemic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP). The STEP program addresses common struggles parents face and provides healthy and effective strategies to tackling them. The program offers a lot of information and provides parents an opportunity to learn from each other.

Compensation: $30 per Family Tree registered youth/parent(s) who attends the class.Minimum $30.

Other Requirements: 1M/3M Professional Liability insurance, Clean Background Check

Interviews: are being scheduled now.

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