Parenting Plans

Parenting Plan Design, Consultation, and Mediation

A Parenting Plan designates the rights and duties of never-married and/or divorced parents. It also sets out the parenting schedule for the child, commonly referred to as Custody and/or Visitation. We help create many Parenting Plans every year through our work with Social Studies and Collaborative Law cases. But you don’t need to have an expensive litigated dispute to get our expertise. You can get it without all the fuss and without giving away all your power to the courts. We can help you create the agreements that you need to restructure your family or your parenting plan.

Parenting Plan Design and Consultation

The state of Texas has a couple of boiler plate parenting schedules that you could choose from and they may be perfect for your child. If they aren’t, we can work with you to help you design one to match the needs of your child(ren). We can work with both parents to create that parenting plan, or we can work as a consultant to help one parent evaluate their parenting plan, based on their perception of their child(ren).

Parenting Plan Mediation

Sometimes good parents aren’t able to agree on the best Parenting Plan for their child and they need a third party to help them. Jake Jacobson is qualified to be appointed as a mediator in legal disputes regarding parent-child relationships. But you don’t need the court to appoint him. You and the other parent can simply agree to have him mediate your disagreement. You can attend mediation with or without your attorneys. Like all mediation, this is confidential and you do not lose your right to pursue a lawsuit if you can’t reach an agreement. Mediation is also not limited to the parenting plan. If you wish, we can mediate the entire divorce agreement, or for that matter, any disagreement you have with anyone. Your mediation can be customized to meet your needs, but here is a typical Parenting Plan Mediation Overview.

P.S. Pick the Right Attorney

In the end, you will want to have an attorney put all of these agreements into your decree. You will want to choose that attorney carefully. You want one who will represent your interests AND support you in using these alternatives to high conflict litigation.
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