Divorce Sanity

Divorce is perhaps one of the most emotionally challenging experiences one can face. We offer a number of services for divorced or divorcing individuals.

For additional information on any of the following services, click on a link, or if you are overwhelmed by the divorce process and not sure where to start, contact:

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Parenting Plan Consultation, Design and Mediation

A Parenting Plan designates the rights and duties of never-married and/or divorced parents. It also sets out the parenting schedule for the child, commonly referred to as Custody and/or Visitation. We can help you design one to match the needs of your child. We can also mediate any disputes the parents might have about that parenting plan. Learn More

“Divorce Sanity” Co-Parenting Workshops

Divorce Sanity Co-Parenting is a four (4) hour educational workshop. It is designed to provide parents with the information and skills needed to minimize the impact of divorce on their children and maximize their parenting skills in their life long parenting relationship.
Divorce Sanity Co-Parenting Workshop Information
Divorce Sanity Co-Parenting Workshop Flier (pdf)

Divorce Counseling/Co-Parent “Coaching”

Divorce related counseling sometimes differs in style and content from other types of psychotherapy. While we have the clinical knowledge and skills to assist someone with depression or anxiety disorders, most divorcing clients are not diagnosable. They have a need for information about the process of the divorce, someone to coach them through it, and someone to repeatedly reassure them that they are not crazy. Parents may also need coaching to refine their new co-parenting skills, particularly when they find the other parent to be less than cooperative. We can help.

Other Providers (Our Competition)

Sometimes, for various reasons, people ask us who else we might recommend to provide a particular forensic service. Here’s where we tell them to look first.

North Texas Families in Transition Professional WorkGroup

If they want more choices, CoParentingTexas.com (a project we are affiliated with) has compiled a free listing of several local providers who work with court-connected issues, including contact information and their specialty areas. This is a growing project that continues to look for additional providers to help serve family law clients. The site is completely free, please pass it on if you know someone who might be interested in being listed.

CoParenting Texas List