A life motto of mine is “The only thing that won’t change is that change will occur.” This can either be change in one’s external circumstances, or it can be internal. Nothing in life stays the same. The therapeutic counseling setting provides a place for change and growth in people’s […]

Change is Hard

As a cognitive therapist, I spend a lot of time helping clients figure out if their thinking is helpful. All day, every day, we do a great deal of talking to ourselves, and the things we say during this self-talk greatly color the way we feel about the world and […]

Good Thoughts

I started being a therapist at the end of the Millennium and I am astonished by the change between parenting the Millennial Generation and parenting the present iGeneration. Parents have gone from being Helicopter Parents to being Lawn Mower Parents. For those who aren’t familiar with the term Lawn Mower […]

Lawn Mower Parenting